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Salt Stocks, our web-based automated stock management scheme, is a unique system, which enables our customers to have full control over their stock levels and budget. Each depot is profiled based on past usage figures under various winter conditions. Triggered by a report of salt usage via the web, we will aim to maintain your salt stocks at agreed levels. Current stock levels and planned deliveries can be seen on the website, providing you with 'at a glance' data.

  • Allows for more regular stock top ups
  • Information input is password protected
  • Better management of stock profiles
  • Allows better rotation of salt stocks
  • Stock levels updated daily
  • Stock measurement at end of the winter season on long terms contracts
  • Summary report and annual review
  • Allows you to keep in close contact with us during busy periods


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Existing customers please visit or call 0370 5329723.

Our salt management system, alongside our great customer service, provides a year long solution to maintaining stockpiles capable of lasting even the coldest winters!