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Dryrox 10 contains a small quantity of anti-caking additive to maintain spreading properties after prolonged storage.

Dryrox 10 is the ideal de-icing product for customers who need an assured low-moisture salt.

Chemical Specification

Test methods are as specified in BS3247:2011 Salt for spreading on Highways for Winter Maintenance, or equivalent.

Soluble Chlorides %m/m NaCl >90.0
Soluble Sulphate %m/m CaSO4 <2.5
Insolubles %m/m <7.5
Moisture %m/m <2.0
Anti-caking agent mg/kg >30


% m/m
10 mm 100
6.3 mm 75-95
2.36 mm 30-70
0.3 mm <20

Bulk Density

Delivered product has a bulk density of approximately 1,200 kg/m.

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