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What is DryStore®?

DryStore is Compass Minerals' ideal storage solution for bulk quantities of rock salt - cost effective and easy to maintain.

DryStore is a unique salt-covering system that helps salt stocks stay dry by means of a patented air vent and weighting system.

DryStore is specially designed to allow quick, easy access to salt stocks, while maintaining protection from the rain, meaning less erosion of road salt stocks - and budgets too.

Leaving salt uncovered can negatively affect quality, damage the environment and lead to financial penalties owing to stock losses. Installing DryStore will transform your winter maintenance operations.


What are the benefits?

Easy to install and highly effective for rock salt storage

Full installation supervision provided by the Compass Minerals team is included. It is the ideal bulk rock salt storage solution.

Simple to use

Created with easy day to day maintenance in mind, DryStore is designed to be especially light to handle and easy to look after. Rolling back the lightweight sheeting to allow access to the part of the pile that's needed and replacing it securely afterwards is easily done.

Assists in maintaining road salt quality

DryStore helps maintain the quality of the salt stocks, no matter how long they are stored before use. Unlike some other bulk salt storage products, there is no risk of additives, such as Safecote®, being lost from pre-treated salt stocks.


Protects budgets

No extensive capital outlay is required for DryStore.

Strategic bulk rock salt storage

DryStore is perfect for strategic long-term stockpiling or for any salt stocks that cannot be stored in a fixed structure such as salt domes or salt storage buildings.

Better for the environment

When it comes to road salt storage, DryStore is a greener solution, significantly reducing the amount of salt lost due to leaching and providing an excellent means of managing any environmental risks associated with bulk rock salt storage.

Don't just take our word for it...

Bill Parks, a Highways Manager at Wiltshire Council explains the advantages of DryStore,

"In the past Wiltshire protected its stored salt by using a designed tarpaulin sheeting system. These sheets were heavy and needed to be put on the heaps of stockpiled salt in a specific order for them to keep the rain and wind out adequately. As high winds caused the salt to become exposed, the tarpaulin sheeting system required a lot of maintenance throughout its use.

"The DryStore system is installed by the Compass Minerals team and is profiled to the stockpile. The salt bags that are attached to weigh the cover down are ideal - if an area needs to be exposed for use, the bags are just cut to give quick access to the salt. The sheeting is lightweight and can either be cut or folded back over the stockpile with ease. There is very little maintenance with this system and the rain runs off the pile efficiently. Our winter maintenance operatives really like DryStore."

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